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The Coffee Connoisseur From $. 46.31 / month

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You get 3 bags of 340 gr (12 oz) of your favorite coffee at your door every month.

You choose:
1. For how many months you would like to receive your coffee: 3, 6 or 8 months.
2. Your favorite coffee.
3. Ground or whole bean.

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Product Details

ROBLESABANA are single origin, high quality specialty coffees from Costa Rica, no mixtures or blends. Our coffees are sourced under Fair and Direct Trade, personally selected at the farms.

Our mission: to find new flavors, processes and varieties that Costa Rican producers offer but are rarely accessible to consumers.

Our coffees are artisan roasted at origin in small batches. Each of our coffees is given a unique roasting profile according to its special characteristics, in order to provide them with the best quality and taste possible. 

We are Women in Coffee

As coffee experts, we take part in every step of the production chain of our coffees, assuring quality control and traceability.  We are proud members of the International Women Coffee Alliance.

CAFE DE COSTA RICA: 100 percent Arabica and eco friendly coffee

Costa Rica, one of the largest diversities of species and ecosystems of the planet, has the ideal weather conditions, its high mountains, elevated rainfall and volcano soils, to produce the best coffee in the world. By law and to preserve quality, only Arabica specie is permitted to be grown in Costa Rica. Costa Rica has reduced up to 80 percent the use of water in coffee processing. Organic waste from the washing process become organic fertilizer, feed for cattle, and fuel for drying the beans. 

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